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After Jon dropped off the roller we unfolded it by the shop
Unloading the cage tanks we picked up in the new trailer
The Ziegler dealer decided it was time to pick up the 965
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Adam Suntken Goodell, IA
I live on an acreage in North Central Iowa. I'm a grain buyer for a large cooperative and I custom feed 1100 head of hogs each year. Thanks to ToyTractorTimes and ToyTractorShow my scratch built and custom built toys have been far more popular than I could have ever imagined!
Age: 38
Favorite Farm Toy: Custom Built Challenger Tractor
Hobbies: Building replicas of my dad's farm machinery

Recent Toy Talk Posts
How Many Bushels Do You Think These Bins Could Hold? · April 6, 2014
The small Standi bin (model 21) holds about 6000 bushels.  PM me if you need some bins or more information.
MX180 wheel removal · April 1, 2014
I'm guessing since just the tips are listed, he is out of them.  I'd send him an email.  Greg's pretty good about answering back.  Pretty handy too
MX180 wheel removal · March 29, 2014
Go to Truckin Little and buy their removal pliers.  Get the tips for tractor tires too.  Great tool, worth the money.
post office made an accordion · March 3, 2014
Some times it's not necessarily the postal service's the independent contractors they hire to haul mail.  I had to ship out of a different t
I know its a custom, but dang · February 26, 2014
I'll claim building that planter.  That was one of a few prototype models I did for Danny Gottman.  He gave one of each to Big Jon at Kinze also.
scenic cement · February 22, 2014
medium matte works very good.  Buy yourself a good spray bottle and apply in multiple coats for the best results after each coat dries.
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My Blog
More detail of displays of the past.........2001 model
This was the first display I took to the St Louis show It featured a large grain terminal capable of loading both barges and rail cars. It has both a concrete elevator with 12 silos and 4 steel gra

More details of displays of the past........2002 model
Here was attempt #1 at lights for the NFTS in 2002. Good enough for second place. I do have to give Terry Spahr credit, his barn was indeed incredible! Since then we've seen some people make some va ...

More detail of displays of the past.......2003 model
Here's another display that you might recognize bits and pieces of. Some of this was shot for the Destination Dyersville Video that Toy Farmer produced. If you look closely to the video you'll notic ...

More detail of displays of the past......2004 model
Some of you might recognize parts of this display from The Toy Tractor Times Video segment - Ready to Plant. It featured the Tiger Steiger/JD Feild Cultivator and JD 8400T with DB60 planter heading t ...

More detail of displays of the past. Some of the 2005 model
Here's the display from 2005. Some of you might remember the moving sprayer on this one. Mr Hasert has some video of it somewhere, but not sure where it went. When I did that I didn't think 64 rows ...

Displays from the past
The other night I was looking for a picture and found some neat shots of past displays. The first is from NFTS in 2005. This one featured a JD 8200 and pull type sprayer with 60 feet boom actually ...